The art of gift wrapping

Not to brag, but I think that I am the master of gift giving and wrapping. Since moving to London I don't have the endless supply of christmas wrapping paper that we keep in the cupboard under the stairs, so I have to get creative. This town is full of free newspapers, which is good news for me. Just look at how pretty these presents to my friend turned out! Previously this year I got another friend some presents, and lucked out with that days ads.
Buying presents for people is one of my favourite things, it is just so much fun! I can't wait for christmas, although this year will be a bit different. It's the first year I am not celebrating with my family, which is a little sad. My older sister will be with me, and I honestly think that we will have a blast, but there is just something about being around family on christmas. I will actually work on christmas, but I'll hopefully get the morning shift, leaving the afternoon free to stream Donald duck with all other Swedes. The best thing about working on christmas is that you get to stay at the hotel for free, which is honestly why I decided to stay (that and two other co-workers wanted christmas off, so I thought I'd sacrifice myself).


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