The art of gift wrapping

Not to brag, but I think that I am the master of gift giving and wrapping. Since moving to London I don't have the endless supply of christmas wrapping paper that we keep in the cupboard under the stairs, so I have to get creative. This town is full of free newspapers, which is good news for me. Just look at how pretty these presents to my friend turned out! Previously this year I got another friend some presents, and lucked out with that days ads.
Buying presents for people is one of my favourite things, it is just so much fun! I can't wait for christmas, although this year will be a bit different. It's the first year I am not celebrating with my family, which is a little sad. My older sister will be with me, and I honestly think that we will have a blast, but there is just something about being around family on christmas. I will actually work on christmas, but I'll hopefully get the morning shift, leaving the afternoon free to stream Donald duck with all other Swedes. The best thing about working on christmas is that you get to stay at the hotel for free, which is honestly why I decided to stay (that and two other co-workers wanted christmas off, so I thought I'd sacrifice myself).

Day 04

A movie that makes you sad.

The ugly duckling. I remember when I was a kid I cried and cried watching it, and when I asked to see it again my mom wouldn't let me.

Balcony cat

The best thing about the appartement I live in is the kitten on the balcony by the back door. 


I'm not a big music fan, but I do love me some theme songs. Here is my top three list of best theme songs from tv series.
The Doctor who theme song changes a little every now and then, but it's always wonderful. Show me one Doctor Who fan who claims that they don't sing along to this lyric free song and you will have shown me a liar. On a related note, have you seen THIS lovely thing?
For the last couple of weeks I've been watching this show every chance I get, and I still grin stupidly every time the credits come on. The song is just so happy. If you haven't seen this show I do recommend it, it makes me laugh every episode.
This is the clear winner. There is not a sigle show out there with a better theme song then Hawaii five-0. It's just not possible. If they handed out awards for these kinds of things this one would win every year. I don't care if you don't like the show (how can you not though?) but you can not say that you don't like this song. There have been many episodes with a murder just before the title sequence, but as soon as this song starts all the tears dry up and you just dance and sing along and forget about everything bad ever. This is the best. End of story.


Meet my new best friend Donna! She was a gift from mom and dad for my birthday, and I just love her. I've never really been a big book reader, as I said in my last post I never read Harry Potter as a child for example. I think that it's to do with the fact that I don't like the feel of books. Don't get me wrong, I love everything about the look of a book. I can browse bookshops for hours looking at the pretty covers, reading the synopsis at the back or lazily flipping though the pages. I can't really tell you why I don't like reading actual books without sounding stupid, but I just don't. That is why I LOVE my kindle. The best thing about it is that I can read and walk at the same time, something I always do on my way to and from work.
I am currently reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, after my sister practically forced me too. I'm only 5% in so far, but if you want to know how I get along you can add me on Goodreads. Another really good thing about eReaders is all the legally free books. Just a quick visit to ManyBooks and you'll have reading material for weeks to come. Just this morning I downloaded MacBeth, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Anna Karenina.
With autumn just around the corner I am looking forward to reading a whole lot more. I still have to finish Tinker tailor soldier spy (which is REALLY GOOD btw, everyone should read it), and my sister and I are planning on reading Shakespeare's Twelfth Night before seeing Stephen Fry bringing it to life later this year at Shakespeare globe. I also think I have to re-read the hunger games series, seeing as I don't really remember what happened in the first two, and I have yet to read the third. 

All was well.

Today I went to WB Studio tours, a behind the scenes sort of thing for the Harry Potter movies. They have loads of sets and props and costumes, there is seriously too much too look at. It was actually the second time I was there, but it is really cool, so well worth a second visit. I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan, I never really read the books as a kid (although I am currently listening to the audio books, right now I'm on Order of the phoenix) but being a big movie fan it's a treat to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes.
My favourite parts of the tour are the graphic design cabinet, which is just filled with books, magazines, letters, candy boxes and maps, and Diagon Alley, which you can walk though and pretend you are getting ready for a new year at Hogwarts. I also have a love/hate relationship with the giftshop. Love all the cool stuff, hate all the over the top prices. This time I did however go home with a Hufflepuff house pin, a chocolate frog (I got Salazar Slytherin), a Hogwarts crest notebook and some peppermint toads. So yes, a pretty magical day.
(Also kind of decided to start blogging in English, it just feels a lot better for me)


Day 03 – A movie that makes you really happy

Lilo and Stitch

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