Christmas jumpers

I love christmas sweaters, sadly my wardrobe does not reflect this love. I only own three of them, and the bear one is kind of a stretch. The middle one I bought at beyond retro last year in Stockholm, the other two are from the mens section at primark. And yes, I know that bah humbug is not really christmas positive, but I just thought it was so cool that I had to buy it! 
They are also so very easy to dress up. Just take something with a collar underneath and bam, you're fancy. Hopefully my collection will have grown by next year, but this christmas I'll be wearing the heck out of these three babies. skriver:

Åh så söta! gillar den med tänderna! underbart charmiga! älskar jultröjor!

Sv: Ja, vill verkligen dit :) Japp, är tillbaks till kära götet nu. Väldigt kallt och massa snö! Men som sagt, underbart godis indeed!

Malin Aurora skriver:

Åh vilka tjusiga!


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